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Sinus Lift - Sinus Augmentation


Loss of upper back teeth may result in excessive bone loss. Over time,  the sinus in the upper posterior areas will drop too low preventing proper placement of dental implants.

A simple procedure allows the sinus floor to be repositioned, creating enough space to place an implant.

Sinus augmentation procedures are highly predictable, with studies reporting over 95% success. Following sufficient healing of a sinus augmentation (6-10 months), implants are placed in a predictable and successful manner. It is important to realize that if the sinus augmentation procedure does not result in enough bone for implant placement, additional bone may be regenerated through a second sinus augmentation procedure at the time of implant placement.

There are various technique in sinus lift. At SofTouch dental, Dr. Nguyen is using the latest atraumatic, non-surgical/ non-invasive technique with the most predictable/successful result to lift the sinus, add bone and place implant in these areas with fast healing period. Call us now for a consultation to find out if you are qualified for this procedure. Do not give up on having your implants place in the upper jaw, just because you do not have enough bone.


We proudly offer dental implants at our convenient location in Lake Mary, FL. Quality dental implant restorations provided by Dentist Jennifer Nguyen and staff at our beautiful FL office.