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Smile Gallery

IMPLANT - Congenitally Missing Teeth

The most common genetically missing teeth is the two lateral incisors. After going through orthodontic treatment, pt was given a "flipper," which is a removable partial to replace the missing teeth. Pt has misplaced/lost the flipper several times. She is tired of wearing the removable denture and spending money on replacing the flipper a few times a year. In 2 visits, Dr. Nguyen placed 2 implants and 4 minimally invasive veneers to close the space between teeth. On the first visit, photograph, diagnostic cast, x-rays, CT scan were taken. On the second visit, implants and restorations were placed. The procedure is non invasive with no down time. This is life changing procedure for most patients. To be able to make a difference in someone's life by putting a big smile on their face is the most rewarding experience for our dental team.

IMPLANT - Congenitally Missing Teeth - AFTER

How do we place the implant and the restoration on 1 visit?

Prior to implant placement, the size of the implant, the location of the implant, the position of the abutment and the crown were determined using CT Scan, SimPlant digital imaging sofware, Dr. Nguyen was able to place the 2 implants with crowns and 4 veneers in 1 visit. Pt walked out the office and was able to have lunch on the same day with no down time.


IMPLANT - Broken Tooth

"Thank you so much for a great experience. I thought getting an implant would take 6 months to a year to finish, but in one visit and less than an hour, I got my tooth replaced. This is a dental miracle. I would highly recommend anyone who has missing teeth and does not want to wear denture or a bridge."

Single Visit Implant

Pt has a failing root canal and crown on an upper right premolar. The tooth needs an extraction. Pt was given three options to replace the missing tooth: implant, bridge or a removable partial. Pt chose to have a single implant and crown in order to preserve bone support. Dr. Nguyen removed the infected tooth and replaced it with an implant and crown in one visit. Pt thought he has to wear the "flipper" (removable prosthesis) for over 6 months prior to getting a crown for the implant. Pt was really appreciated since we were able to save the patient's time and money.

Replacing Old Bonding with Veneers

Pt has replaced old bonding on front teeth for several times. Pt was afraid of getting porcelain veneers because "they don't look natural and they're expensive." We have worked out a payment plan within the patient's budget. Pt was able to have the smile she has always dreamed of and to save money on the long run due to longevity of porcelain veneers verses direct bonding.

Minimal Prep Veneers - Another Case

Pt did not like having "short and small-looking teeth." In a single visit, Dr. Nguyen bonded the extremely thin veneers without removing any tooth structure. Pt could not believe those were his teeth for the first time he look into a mirror.

Severe Decay-Fracture - Implant and Crown

Pt was referred by a relative. Pt was going on a cruise for a reunion and would like to have a nice smile for the picture. Within two visits, Dr. Nguyen removed the severe broken teeth and placed two intermediate bridge to promote tissue healing. Within four weeks, implants and permanent crowns were placed to replace the missing teeth. Pt was extremely happy with the new smile.


Pt wants to straighten teeth without wearing metal braces. After taking an impression of the patient's teeth, a series of custom clear trays were given to patient to wear. The result was fantastic.

Bleaching - In Office

Pt just got braces off and was concern about the yellow color of the teeth. We took the initial shade and an "In-Office-Bleaching" was performed. With the advancement in bleaching, the Zoom light was not necessary. The doctor and staff did the bleaching in the office. It took about less than a hour. The patient was completely satisfied with the new shade. Pt was given a custom bleaching tray for use at home as routine "touch-up" to prevent shade relapsed.

Decay and Fracture - Cosmetic Crown

Pt is a nurse at a local hospital. She stated that she has been taking care of everyone else but herself. She knows that she has a cavity but she has been putting it off for a few months. A piece of her tooth fell off while she was eating. She finally realized that she must take care of herself first before it's too late. After removing the decay, Dr. Nguyen did a build-up and cover the tooth with a crown. Has she waited for another 3-6 months, the decay would get deeper and the nerve will get infected. The tooth will need a root canal therapy or even extraction. Removing and replacing a missing tooth would cost alot more than a crown. Please "Don't Wait Until It's Hurts!"

Decay After Braces - Veneers

Patient has worn braces for over 3 years without seeing the hygienist for teeth cleaning and fluoride treatment. Patient has discoved decay around the brackets when braces were removed. Dr. Nguyen removed the decay and placed the thin veneers. Patient was extremely happy with the result. Please see your hygienist at least every 3 months when you are wearing braces to avoid this situation.

Severe Root Decay - Implants and Crowns

Pt was "too busy" to take care of himself and his teeth. Pt has neglected his teeth for so long that he never even look at his teeth, until one day...a front tooth broke off. Dr. Nguyen performed a few root canal and crown in one visit and implant and crown in another visit. We were able to restore the patient's smile within a short period of time. Patient feels like "new" person. Patient was placed on a routine 3 month recall to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Extreme Make Over

Pt was seen in out office as an "emergency" due to pain/severe decay on an upper left canine tooth. Dr. Nguyen  performed a root canal treatment and placed a crown in one visit. Pt was returning for a complete check-up, wanting to straighten the rest of the teeth. Several options were presented including braces, extraction, implant, gingival recontour, root canal and crown...

Rampant Decay - Crown/Veneer

Pt was putting off going to the dentist for "as long as he can remember." He had a root canal and crown on tooth #7 - upper right lateral incisor due to severe decay and pain. The remaining upper front teeth have visible decay. Dr. Nguyen was able to restore the remaining front teeth using 2 crowns and 1 veneer. If the Pt continues to "ignore" his teeth, those teeth eventually would need root canal treatment in addition to the crowns. Root canal treatment is a procedure to remove infection and get rid of the tooth ache. However, root canal procedure will weaken the tooth, especially the two upper lateral incisors. Being the smallest and shortest teeth of the upper, they tend to break or fracture after RCT/CRN treatment. Then, an implant will be needed to replace them. Do not wait or post-poning your visit to the dentist. The longer you wait, the more extensive the treatment, the less prognosis, and the more cost.

Extreme Make Over - Another Case

We all know there are so many Pts who have teeth like this. Stop feeling down and hopeless, we can help any Pts with any budget. On the initial visit, we took photo, dental cast of your teeth, x-rays. Second visit, the doctor will go over all possible treatment options to restore your teeth. The doctor, the assistant, the hygienist, the financial coordinator...we are here to help you look and feel better. Do not give up on your smile!


Patient was extremely unhappy and upset due to forced Halloween costume. Patient refused to eat, drink or move around for hours. Within one visit, Dr. Nguyen was able to free the patient from the torture. Patient lives happy ever after... Adopt a pet or become a foster and you will have unconditioned love forever! www.petrescuebyjudy.com

Bleaching - Lower

For those patients who suffer from extreme sensitivity to bleaching, we recommend the 3-days Home Bleaching. For just 2 hours/day, patients can enjoy whiter teeth for as little as $99. Then, a fee supply of bleaching for touch-up once a month if becoming a patient.


Multiple Missing Teeth - BRIDGE

Pt is a 58 years old Female who has severe recurrent decay (cavity) under old bridge that pt has worn for over 20 years. Dr. Nguyen did root canal treatment, removed all existing decay on 3 of her teeth, redo all of the build-ups and replaced with 2 bridges for easy maintenance. Pt was placed on a strict fluoride treatment program to prevent recurrent decay under bridge. She has been seeing our hygienist every 3 months ever since.


Staining - Old Silver Filling Fracture & Decay

Patient has severe discoloration on front teeth and several fracture filling and decayed teeth. Dr. Nguyen restored the back broken teeth using zirconia crowns, and the super thin veneers (Lumineers) for the front teeth to conserve tooth structure (Minimum Invasive Dentistry) So, how long do these restorations last? They are just as strong as your real teeth. At SofTouch-Dental, we offer a 7 years warranty, as long as the patient has keeping up with a routine check-up and cleaning.

Implant Retained Denture & Partial

Pt has previous "Basic" upper denture and lower partial with worn down teeth. Pt was unable to chew food properly. The upper denture was very loose and slip during eating. Patient wants to be able to chew without the denture slipping off. "Basic" - Acrylic Denture tends to wear faster, easily fracture and require alot of adjustments. Dr. Nguyen recommended a more natural looking upper denture (Rendition Denture) secured by implants, and the lower with a combination partial - with no metal clasp, so no metal showing when the patient smiles. The Pt was able to chew food without the denture falling off and a great smile. The Rendition Denture, eventhough costs a bit more than the Basic/Acrylic Denture initially, overtime, it is well worth the investment, since we offer courtesy adjustment/ reline if needed. Whereas, the Basic Denture does not cover. These are the hidden charge that patients should be informed when making decision what type of denture to go with.

Straighten Teeth Without Wearing Braces



Implant Retained Over Denture

Pt has a few remaining back teeth with broken upper and lower partials. He has lost over 20 lbs due to unable to digest food properly. With 2 visits, Dr. Nguyen removed the remaining broken teeth and replaced them with a new set of dentures. When tissue completely healed, implants were placed under denture to secure the denture during eating and talking. Pt was extremely happy with the look and was able to chew food immediately. "The doctor and staff taking good care of me. I am very happy... I was able to eat right away."


Implant Secured Denture - Another Case

Pt is a 75 years old male who has never worn denture before. "I am tired of having no teeth. My grand daughter is graduating this summer and she is embarrassed to take picture with me." Patient stated. The remaining teeth are severely worn down, fracture, decayed and having bone loss around them. Dr. Nguyen explained a few treatment options with patient. Patient chose implant secured over denture and was ecstatic with the result.


Emergency - Fractured Front Tooth



No More Bucked Teeth



Extreme Make Over


No Prep-No Drill Veneers

"Thank you for making a difference in my life. I was very embarrass to smile and I was very self-conscious about myself. I was unhappy for a long time. This is something I need to do it for myself. There is no money can buy for your happiness. I highly recommend this. I heard horrible stories that other people had "Lumineers" done and were not happy about it. All I can say is, you need to find a dentist, talk to them, talk to the staffs, look at their before/after photos, be sure you feel comfortable with your dentist, like I am. Be cautious about the lowest fee when it comes to cosmetic. I have done my research and I'm glad I have mad my decision."


Missing Front Teeth-Old Crowns

Patient had previous crowns done with several missing teeth and fracture teeth. Notice the difference between a base-metal-crown vs. a zirconia crown. Not all crowns are the same and not all dentists are the same.

Over Crowding - Decayed Teeth


Old Bonding Discoloration - No Prep Veneer

Most patients are reluctant to have porcelain veneers instead of bonding. Bonding cost less initially, but long term, bonding need to replace several time due to stain and fracture. Minimal prep veneers such as The Ultra-Thin Veneers (Lumineers) can last longer, over time, will cost the patient less on maintenance. At SofTouch-Dental, we offer a free night-guard with full case veneers, so patient can protect the investment. In addition, a 7 years warranty when patient has regular check-up and cleaning.

Extreme Hypocalcification - White Spot

Pt has hypocalcification - "white spot" - weak enamel, which is prone to fracture and decay. Ultra thin veners can help solve the problem and protect the enamel on a long term basis.

Showing Too Much Gum When Smile

Showing too much gum when smile can be unattractive. We can help bringing out the real smile in you.


Short Teeth - Gummy Smile

Somtimes, you just don't know what is wrong with someone's smile because there is nothing wrong with their teeth. Well, there over millions of patients having a "gummy smile." When too much gum are showing, the smile is suffered. We can do crown lenthening, gum lift procedure to bring out the real smile in you.