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Over 13 Years of Experience

We Offer:

  • Comprehensive Dentistry in one office
  • One-Visit Implant with Crown
  • Free Sedation, Free Botox with Smile Makeover or Full-Mouth Reconstruction
  • Free Post-Op Visit
  • Two Free Denture Adjustments within six months following the procedure.
  • Five-year warranty on all prosthesis with minimum six-month hygiene maintenance visits.
  • Friendly, Caring, Professional, Experienced Team Members

- We want to take care of your oral health; in turn, making you feel good about yourself. The more you can smile with confidence, the better the world around you is, and the better you can feel about yourself.

- We use digital X-rays that cut down the amount of radiation over ten times.

- We are a mercury-free practice that uses only material that is bio-compatible to the body. Dr. J. Nguyen treats not only your teeth, but she pays extra attention to the whole body. Oral health has an impact on your general health. For instance, a bacterial infection in the gums, if left untreated, can lead to a stroke or even a heart attack.

- We are not a clinic and schedule to see only one patient at the time. That way, we can give you the best care. You never have to wait unless there is a walk-in emergency patient who needs immediate attention. The doctor does not hop from room to room like an assembly line.

- We invest in digital technology to help with early diagnosis in order to prevent dental disease. We use only "top, winning dental products" of the year that are tested and published yearly by the CRR. For example, by using quality dental bonding and desensitizer, we have saved thousands of teeth from having root canals prior to a crown. Do you know that poor bonding (dental adhesive material) can make your teeth become sensitive and can cause leakage between the tooth and the filling or crown, and can make the nerve become irritated or infected after a crown preparation, leading to unnecessary root canal treatment? Remember, the doctor can only perform the procedure as good as the instruments and materials being provided.

- We have invested in special instruments and equipment that can remove the tooth, without damaging the bone, called "atraumatic extraction." We then add bone to preserve the space for future implant and preservation.

- We use only top-of-the-line dental cement. Poor dental cement can be washed out over time, creating leakage and nerve damage, or even recurrent decay (cavity) under the crown. This could lead to root canal through the crown, redoing the crown or even loss of the tooth.

- All of our work is guaranteed for up to five years, despite dentistry "not being an exact science" provided the patient keeps up with regular dental check-ups maintenance cleanings.

- On the weekends, we attend advanced dental education to refine our skills and to keep up with technology and stay updated on the best dental treatment for patients. Why? Because we have a passion for dentistry. It makes us happy and makes us feel good to be able to help patients regain their smiles and self-esteem.

- Even if we win the lottery tomorrow, we wouldn't quit our jobs. We love and have a passion for what we do; it's not just to "make a living."

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