How to Choose a Dentist

  1. Never choose your Oral Physician base solely on "how much it cost for that crown, or I am click with the Hygienist" Not all dentists are the same. After 4 years of dental school, earning either a DMD or a DDS, the dentist must pass the National Board and the State Board Exam in order to practice and dispense medication in certain State. Then, additional training is what set them apart. Some will go for additional 2 years to specialize in Orthodontic, Periodontic, Pedodontic, Prosthosdontic, Forensic Science, Oral Health, Advanced Education in General Dentistry, Oral Pathology and so on.
  2. Cosmetic and Implant are not a "Specialty." If you are looking for either Cosmetic or Implant dental service, be sure to ask for Photos of Before & After , and see how many cases has the Doctor have done. Did the Dentist earn a Fellowship, a Mastership in General, Cosmetic or Implant Dentistry? Ask for phone numbers of Patients who have gone through procedures similar to yours.
  3. Are you comfortable communicating with the Dentist? Does the Dentist have your best interest in mind? Is he/she caring? Do you understand the procedure? Did you receive a Written Treatment Plan with Informed/Consent that explain the benefits vs. the risks of the procedure? Is financial options being offered?
  4. Are the equipment up-to-date? Dentists who own their own practice have more control in picking their piece of equipment, dental material, lab service
  5. Does the Dentist offer courtesy Post-Op after the procedure?
  6. Are the Staff seem to be happy to take care of you?
  7. Good old "Word-Of-Mouth" from your friends

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