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To enhance the care of our patients, Softouch Dental is proud to announce the arrival of VELscope, a Visually Enhanced Lesion Scope. It is the best tool to detect any early lesion in your mouth today.

The VELscope is a breakthrough in visualization and early detection of mucosal abnormalities. The VELscope allows the Doctor to shine a handheld light onto an area of concern in the mouth, look through an attached eyepiece, and watch directly for changes in color. Normal oral tissue emits a pale green fluorescence, while potentially cancerous and precancerous lesions appear dark green to black

A VELscope screening adds less than five minutes to an exam and is completely free of pain and inconvenience for the patient. Early detection of oral cancer is extremely important because studies reveal that when diagnosed early, the cure rate is as high as 90%. When oral cancer goes undetected or undiagnosed until the later stages, the death rate is one of the highest among all cancers. Now with the ease of VELscope, why take a chance?

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Shesmy H.

WHAT AN AWESOME STAFF!!!! I have dental anxiety the worst kind, but Dr.Nguyen and her staff made me feel amazing and confident every step of the way I have never experienced such great atmosphere in an office before. I trust her with my smile and I'll be ready for a check up anytime now!!

Allie B.

Best experience I've had with any dentists, the staff are all wonderful and they came up with a great treatment plan even with my low budget and the short amount of time I needed everything to be fixed. I will be recommending them to my friends and family!

Yanique B.

Dr. Nguyen is phenomenal. Her office is equipped with the latest technology and her staff is extremely welcoming and friendly. You can tell they care about their patients and put them as priority.
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